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Welcome to the Preferred411 Client Options!
Welcome to Preferred411
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  •  Joy
     Zurich, CHE
     Last Logon: 03-15-2018
  •  Elise Michaux
     Zurich, CHE
     Last Logon: 03-11-2018
  •  Diana Rose
     Zurich, CHE
     Last Logon: 03-22-2018
  •  Cowgirl Up
     Phoenix, AZ
     Last Logon: 03-11-2018
  •  Natasha Korkova
     Atlanta, GA
  •  Chazbaby
     Euless, TX
     Last Logon: 03-20-2018
  •  Lovelything
     Houston, TX
     Last Logon: 03-21-2018
  •  Lia St. John
     Phoenix, AZ
     Last Logon: 03-19-2018
  •  Liz Miyaki
     Sao Paulo, BRA
     Last Logon: 03-19-2018
  •  Diamond
     Dallas, TX
     Last Logon: 02-08-2018
  •  CherrysSecrets
     Denver, CO
     Last Logon: 02-04-2018

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P411 New Photos!

Joy 34D-26-40
Zurich, CHE Incalls /Outcalls

Schedule: Only for discerning Gentlemen Offline


Elise Michaux
Elise Michaux 34B-29-40
Zurich, CHE Outcalls

Schedule: Mon-Fri 10am-19pm Offline

P411 Visiting!

Diana Rose
Diana Rose 32E-24-34
Zurich, CHE Outcalls

Schedule: By Request Only Offline

3 Listings Found! **  
Showing   1   -   3

About Preferred411
Preferred411 is a screening service for those who offer and seek adult companionship.  When you become a Preferred411 Client Member, you are joining the most active and discreet adult companionship network in the industry.

We are committed to ensuring that only legitimate members of the community are part of this network, and that all members treat one another in a safe and respectful manner.  However, we are not able to make any guarantees.  If you arrange to meet with anyone on this site, you do so at your own risk.

This website is intended for ADULTS ONLY. Any suspected underage use of the site or human trafficking will be immediately reported to the authorities.  Under no circumstances will we permit the advertisement of sexual services in exchange for consideration and we do not condone any sort of criminal activity.
All client applicants are screened, either through escort references or very discreet employment verification.

There is a $99.00 USD membership fee.

To become a P411 client member, please fill out the application found by clicking the link below:
Be sure to complete all the required sections of the application. If you have any questions or concerns about the information required, please contact us.
Before approving your membership, we are going to confirm that you are a legitimate client. We will either check your escort references or discreetly verify your employment.

If you are not prepared to provide this information, or if we cannot verify your information to our satisfaction, you will not be given a Preferred411 membership and your membership fee will be forfeited.

We do not keep any identifying information on file once the verification has been completed.
There is a membership fee of $99.00 USD

We accept the following forms of payment:

- MasterCard or Visa
- Money Order by Mail

Payment options are explained in detail on the application for membership.

** Includes temporarily inactive listings
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